As a Final Fantasy XIV tank, what should I know/do to make it easier on Healer?

So I am pretty new to this FFXIV Gil game(and it’s my first MMO), so I don’t know very much about the different limitations of the classes. But that’s not what I’m going to ask here.

I just wonder what you, as healer, like to see from tanks that make it easier on you and in your opinion make a run go smoothly? I don’t really know what to expect, what to wait for, what things I may be doing unconsciously that make you silently sit in a rage. xD I try at any opportunity to not piss people off so it’d be really cool to know what to avoid or what you like to see from a tank.

For dungeons:

- Actually use your resources proactively. This might sound stupid to you, but many people just ‘get by’ and won’t rotate their cooldowns as necessary. The same kind of guys never seem to plan ahead and try to minmax in general.

- On the previous note: distribute your cooldowns evenly between bigger pulls instead of stacking them on one pull and having nothing on the next one. You obviously need to use your own judgment here, but if you’re doing sets of big pulls, it can be possible you’re overkilling it on the first pull and underkilling on the next one. Makes a healer lose a lot DPS in simply having to keep the tank up. (Unless very overgeared).

- Tag NPCs properly with some skill with an enmity modifier. A shield lob/Tomahawk for singular mobs, or then running by and Flashing as you go past them. Again, for bigger pulls, healers sometimes wanna cast once or twice mid-pull whilst headed towards the designated pull-ending-place; simply running past mobs and not generating sufficient hate on them will suck, as mobs will run free if someone does anything to net aggro (buffing themselves, casting E4E, a fairy using Embrace on you, never mind manually casted heals by the healer). Simply running by mobs will put you on top of the enmity list by 1 point, but all and any actual actions will make people surpass this number, hence the mobs can be lost mid-pull and them yoyoing can destroy the whole pull, which is why you need to be considerate of this while pulling big.

There’re many other things, QoL stuff and otherwise (such as Sprint-pulling on a PLD whilst considering that a mitigation tool, as you’ll use Flash for the most part anyway for big pulls) but you’re still new to the game as you say and this is your first MMO, so you might not be doing speedruns right off the bat. (And we’ll transition into level 60 soon enough anyway, with everyone having new stuff to learn).

For raiding content and stuff, it’s the best to level other jobs yourself to understand how certain things work out. However, if you don’t move a mob around needlessly (“spin2win!”), you’re off to a good start at least. Just use Cheap FFXIV Gil common sense, read a few guides, watch gameplay videos of skilled players, level stuff yourself, actually read the tooltips and if you’re wondering about something – search about it on the internet or ask a question. General stuff, y’know.

Lore info within Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.5 files

Found here:…6257#pid176257

Each previous Cheap FFXIV Gil Astral Era has ended with a Calamity corresponding toone of the six elements─fire, ice, earth, lightning, water, and wind.

In Eorzea, length and distance are measured in ilms, fulms, yalms, and malms. There are 12 ilms in a fulm, 3 fulms in a yalm, and 1760 yalms in a malm.

It is believed the Miqo’te first came to Eorzea during the Fifth Umbral Era, fleeing their ravaged homeland on the southern continent of Meracydia.

The shortest Lalafells are roughly two feet ten inches (34 ilms) tall. By contrast, Roegadyn can grow to almost three times that height (90 ilms).

In Eorzea, weight is measured in onzes, ponzes, and tonzes.There are 16 onzes in a ponze and 2000 ponzes in a tonze.

Coerthas, once a verdant highland region, is now pounded byrelentless snowstorms─an unforeseen side-effect of the Calamity.

Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn came to power after emerging victorious in the Trident─a multi-pronged race used to determine Limsa Lominsa’s Admiral.

Eorzea is located on Aldenard, one of the Three Great Continents. The other two─Ilsabard and Othard─lie to the north and northeast, respectively.

Plainsfolk males─notable Syndicate member Teledji Adeledji included─usually go by their entire full name, rather than first or last name alone.

Throughout history, the Lalafell passed their histories down through song,which is why even now many use heavy alliteration in their speech.

Peistes, gigantoads, antlings, and vultures are known to lunch on Lalafells,but any rumors involving ravenous Roegadyn are dubious at best.

In addition to weather such as rain, snow, and sandstorms, certain areas in Eorzea will experience an umbrally charged fog known as “gloom.”

The aitches in certain Miqo’te names represent a slight hissing sound. Since other races cannot make this sound, the aitches become silent.

The Great Goobbue Wall of Ul’dah, referenced in “He Who Waited Behind,” was real! It was created by adventurers on the eve of the Calamity.

Some Eorzeans believe that after death, souls must endure the trials of six hells before passing into the eternal damnation of the seventh.

Beastmen refer to the five races with a variety of colorful titles including ‘smoothskin,’ ‘overdweller,’ ‘uplander,’ and ‘spoken ones.’

The Keepers of the Moon have a matriarchal society, with surnames passed down from mother to child—some since the First Astral Era.

Determining a goblin’s gender is as easy as looking at the last two letters of their name: “~ix” for males and “~ox” for females.

Inspector extraordinaire Hildebrand’s monocle is merely for vanity purposes, and does not actually contain a functional lens.

The Syndicate, Ul’dah’s ruling body, has six members─six members who also happen to be the six richest citizens in all the sultanate.

Not too many new info that we already knew Buy FFXIV Power leveling, but still a nice condensed version

It’s a shame its not (yet) added in the game.