So, about an Addon FFXIV API…

I’ve been Buy FFXIV Gil running a labor of love for nearly a year now. I have a spreadsheet that I’ve constructed, and it is capable of not only calculating the relative values of crafted items, but also suggestions on best case procurement when it comes to high-dollar items like materia, demimateria, and the Ixali items.

While I’m proud of my creation, there’s a major flaw: Data inflow. With the lack of any way to collect the data short of manual looking up items and entering them in the spreadsheet, it takes an inordinate amount of time to update to current base prices. I can only think it will get longer with Heavensward.

This could all be solved with an addon that extracts the data. I don’t even want to inject into the game at ffxiv gil all – just read. I know there’s be moral objections to the idea of addons in FFXIV in the past, but… please. If the divine YoshiP or his choir of angelic devs have said anything about the possibility of opening it up? I cannot find reliable information on it.