As a Final Fantasy XIV tank, what should I know/do to make it easier on Healer?

So I am pretty new to this FFXIV Gil game(and it’s my first MMO), so I don’t know very much about the different limitations of the classes. But that’s not what I’m going to ask here.

I just wonder what you, as healer, like to see from tanks that make it easier on you and in your opinion make a run go smoothly? I don’t really know what to expect, what to wait for, what things I may be doing unconsciously that make you silently sit in a rage. xD I try at any opportunity to not piss people off so it’d be really cool to know what to avoid or what you like to see from a tank.

For dungeons:

- Actually use your resources proactively. This might sound stupid to you, but many people just ‘get by’ and won’t rotate their cooldowns as necessary. The same kind of guys never seem to plan ahead and try to minmax in general.

- On the previous note: distribute your cooldowns evenly between bigger pulls instead of stacking them on one pull and having nothing on the next one. You obviously need to use your own judgment here, but if you’re doing sets of big pulls, it can be possible you’re overkilling it on the first pull and underkilling on the next one. Makes a healer lose a lot DPS in simply having to keep the tank up. (Unless very overgeared).

- Tag NPCs properly with some skill with an enmity modifier. A shield lob/Tomahawk for singular mobs, or then running by and Flashing as you go past them. Again, for bigger pulls, healers sometimes wanna cast once or twice mid-pull whilst headed towards the designated pull-ending-place; simply running past mobs and not generating sufficient hate on them will suck, as mobs will run free if someone does anything to net aggro (buffing themselves, casting E4E, a fairy using Embrace on you, never mind manually casted heals by the healer). Simply running by mobs will put you on top of the enmity list by 1 point, but all and any actual actions will make people surpass this number, hence the mobs can be lost mid-pull and them yoyoing can destroy the whole pull, which is why you need to be considerate of this while pulling big.

There’re many other things, QoL stuff and otherwise (such as Sprint-pulling on a PLD whilst considering that a mitigation tool, as you’ll use Flash for the most part anyway for big pulls) but you’re still new to the game as you say and this is your first MMO, so you might not be doing speedruns right off the bat. (And we’ll transition into level 60 soon enough anyway, with everyone having new stuff to learn).

For raiding content and stuff, it’s the best to level other jobs yourself to understand how certain things work out. However, if you don’t move a mob around needlessly (“spin2win!”), you’re off to a good start at least. Just use Cheap FFXIV Gil common sense, read a few guides, watch gameplay videos of skilled players, level stuff yourself, actually read the tooltips and if you’re wondering about something – search about it on the internet or ask a question. General stuff, y’know.

So, about an Addon FFXIV API…

I’ve been Buy FFXIV Gil running a labor of love for nearly a year now. I have a spreadsheet that I’ve constructed, and it is capable of not only calculating the relative values of crafted items, but also suggestions on best case procurement when it comes to high-dollar items like materia, demimateria, and the Ixali items.

While I’m proud of my creation, there’s a major flaw: Data inflow. With the lack of any way to collect the data short of manual looking up items and entering them in the spreadsheet, it takes an inordinate amount of time to update to current base prices. I can only think it will get longer with Heavensward.

This could all be solved with an addon that extracts the data. I don’t even want to inject into the game at ffxiv gil all – just read. I know there’s be moral objections to the idea of addons in FFXIV in the past, but… please. If the divine YoshiP or his choir of angelic devs have said anything about the possibility of opening it up? I cannot find reliable information on it.

Final Fantasy XIV Coil was not important story content

Coil was not important story content, just a “side thing” that wasn’t important to the ffxiv gil story. It was the reason some vocal raiders didn’t believe everyone needed to experience the story for Coil. It wasn’t anything “important” and thus, not for everyone. I knew otherwise, but this was literally the whole basis of the argument against a Story Mode Coil (I am neither for or against the idea. Please don’t debate the whole thing over again.) After the cutscene from the live letter, I feel like those vocal raiders were just lying to everyone’s face and being elitist =X.

The story for Coil didn’t really get super important or revealing until Final Coil, and even then… I wouldn’t say you learned anything super amazing until T12 (where that cutscene is from). Actually… to clarify… if you played 1.0, then T9 and the ending cutscene was definitely something you would find relevant. I knew a lot of players who started in ARR who didn’t really understand the importance of that cutscene, and were left with more questions than answers…

The story IS relevant (because, well, the whole world was reborn after Bahamut’s rampage…), but the main scenario never really focused on that. The fact that the opening video (and introduction to the game) left the viewer wondering what happened… is why some people who haven’t done Coil will be upset that they never saw it.

I personally felt like they would eventually nerf mechanics and add echo before releasing Heavensward (just to allow people to finish the story), but releasing this video sort of shows me otherwise… Maybe they want to preserve the difficulty. After all, mechanics in T5 and T9 were never altered — just more ‘forgiving’ because you were given echo. Many people are still at the T5 and T9 wall, even now.

As a person who enjoys raiding, I’ve always empathized with the players who don’t have the time or skill to do Coil… because they want to know the resolution to the opening sequence of the game, but they need to be carried or pay for it (ugh) to get the win. I’ve always been a supporter of ‘easier’ storymode versions (with no gear or less gear) to let people know the FFXIV Account story. I think they’re going in a good direction with Alexander’s two modes.