Newbie Scholar for Patient, Smallish FFXIV FC; Any Server

Newly level-50 Scholar, working through the Final Fantasy XIV Gil MSQ and in no particular rush to be ready for Heavensward.

I’ve bounced around servers and FCs, but have yet to find a group that is the right fit. I’d love to find a small-ish FC where I’m actually familiar with many of the members, and where the emphasis isn’t entirely on post-game—though I’d love to try out the advanced content when I get to that point. I enjoy helping lower-level characters work through dungeons, and am always glad to queue with a DPS to shorten their wait. In exchange, I’d love to find folks who will be patient enough to run through dungeons with me on my first go, and to potentially teach me the ropes on raids.

I’m on Pacific time, and usually play 1–3 hours weeknights beginning at 9pm PST. My day off is usually Sunday. I work a TON, and will sometimes go days without playing—which is all the more reason why I enjoy my time with the game so much.

I’m willing to switch servers for the right ffxiv FC.

If you like, you can join us in Sleeping Forest of Famfrit. Although, my main concern is that you are PST and my friend and I are EST. We are a small FC in the slow and long process of rebuilding. You seem like a great candidate for us, as we are in the same boat. A large workload and usually only have time for casual play. If interested let me know, but I would like you to take your time before switching worlds again.